Kevin Tit is a physical embodiment of what happens after a decade’s worth of punk bands and pizza; coupled with the inability to function as a well adjusted, member of society. His life as a Stand Up Comedian began in Honolulu, Hawaii back in 2012 and has led him to performing in Festivals, clubs, music venues, bars and living rooms across the country.  He now resides in DC, where his relaxed demeanor, childlike imagination, and big, dopey smile have led to his rising popularity.  He’s performed at The Fest 15 (Gainesville, FL), Memphis Punk Festival & What A Joke National Comedy Festival.

Kevin is the creator and host of the “PUNkHouse Comedy” shows (a stand up comedy showcase held in various punk houses; closed out with a live band),  has written, filmed, edited and performed in comedy sketches.  He also co-hosts the “What’s Weird w/ Kevin & Max” Podcast and is still actively producing and performing original music.

FUN FACT: Edward Snowden watched Kevin’s band Beaman play live not long before…ya know.